3rd Assistant Engineer Alfred Entwistle
Merchant Navy SS Mantowac
Lived at 155 Briercliffe Road


Hello Andrew, there is a listing on your site, those who served and survived, for one Alfred Entwistle who served in the Merchant Navy aboard the SS Mantowac as 3rd Assistant Engineer, I wondered if you had any additional information on his service?

Tracing his life has been extremely difficult as he and his family simply disappeared after the war, eventually we found his mother on a shipping manifest entering the USA in 1920 with Alfred's brother and sister. I have since traced some of his decedents in Baltimore and New Jersey and the search continues.

In the US Alfred's family appear to have been moderately successful whilst his sister and her family is proving much more elusive. Anything you have will be greatly appreciated.

I now know that Alfred Entwistle after the great war emigrated to the USA and settled there with his mother, brother James and sister Sarah.
The family now has certainly grown and spread across the US. I am intrigued why a Burnley lad went to sea, for his time and generation it was most unusual, but thankfully we have those who are different.

If anyone has further information on this man, please email Andrew Entwistle on - suboandy@talktalk.net






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